This is not an advertisement*

This is an art project using advertisement form.

Benetton indirectly sponsored the making of these images, but these are not official ads by Benetton in any way.

Almost every person you see (except one) in these images have (or had) their lives sponsored by Benetton. We work for Fabrica, are given accommodation for a year (or more) in Treviso, Italy, and fed lunch from the Benetton cafeteria every week from Monday to Friday. Benetton flew us to and from our home countries, Benetton takes care of our paperwork, Benetton employees fix our apartments when needed, and Benetton pays us enough to survive on the weekends. And in return for this basic-expenses-covered-life, we make things for Benetton, this project is one of them.




* (Yet) It is also not anti-advertisement. The fact is that these images are produced under the condition and assumption that anything could be made into a Benetton ad; however, it is most likely that these images will not sell clothes and therefore will not be used by the advertising department, thus making them non-advertisements.


Project by Ann Poochareon
Photos: Ann Poochareon, Daniel Hirschmann, Juan Ospina, Oriol Ferrer Mesia, Yianni Hill