Tuned Stairs

Revision of musical instruments - woodblocks to glockenspiel.

Following feedback that the musical quality of the first Tuned Stairs prototype was too wooden and heavy, we replaced the woodblock instruments with small glockenspiel bars. The resulting music is lighter, more etheral and much more delicate.

Video 1 - original woodblock prototype
click video below to view

Video 2 - new glockenspiel prototype
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Sound Samples

How the glockenspiel Tuned Stairs would sound with different combinations of people coming up and down the stairs.

Click the following links to hear each sequence

Up And Down - Two people, one coming up, one going down
Playing - One person dancing two steps down, one step up
Lovers - Two shy people meeting in the middle
Chase - One person following another


Close up of new design unit with Glockenspiel bar

Five new design units fixed to stairs