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Aral-Fishing in an invisible sea, 2004
Carlos Casas (Spain) and Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan)

7:00 PM, CINÉMA 1 - duration 52 min

A documentary on the last three generations of fishermen of Lake Aral and on their daily struggle for survival in one of the most devastated places on the planet. A testimony of life after one of the worst disasters caused by man.

Best Italian Documentary at the Turin Film Festival, 2004
In competition at Filmmaker, Milan, 2004
Rotterdam Film Festival, 2005

Zulfiya, 2003
Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan)

8:00 PM, CINÉMA 1 - duration 9 min 40 sec

Zulfiya is the story of a woman who lives near the dried-up section of Lake Aral. She is alone and embarks on a journey across this part of the lake to seek water to quench her child’s thirst. She discovers that lack of water brings out the worst in people.

Angel on the right, 2002
Djamshed Usmonov (Tajikistan)

8.15 PM, CINÉMA 1 - duration 85 min

An ancient Islamic legend tells the story that everyone has two invisible angels on their shoulders. The angel on the right shoulder takes note of good deeds, while the angel on the left shoulder keeps account of the wicked ones ….This legend was the inspiration for the director Djamshed Usmonov for his second film “Angel on the Right”, filmed in his native village of Asht in Tajikistan.
The film discusses poverty and maternal love. Halima is upset by the idea that, on her death, the coffin cannot pass with dignity through the door of a house with only one wing. She therefore pretends to be at death’s door in order to bring back her son Khamro from Russia, so that he can finish the other wing too, still unfinished since he left ten years earlier. The expedient works: Khamro returns to Asht and starts major improvement work in order to ensure for his mother a suitable funeral. However Khamro, in order to return to Asht, had requested a loan of money, counting on being able to pay off his debt fast with his mother’s inheritance. But Halima does not die. Despairing at the fact that Khamro may be in danger, the mother calls up the “angel on the right”, begging it to make her die so that her son can sell her home and pay off his debts.

"Un certain Regard" at the Cannes Film Festival, 2002
Jury Prize at the Tokyo Filmex, 2003