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New Bosnian Cinema, 2001
Dzenid Jaganjac (Bosnia)

CINÉMA 2 AT 6:00 PM - duration 20 min

A series of portraits of emerging Bosnian filmmakers made in Sarajevo for the ‘télévision du Festival’, the official channel of the Cannes Festival, by the young Bosnian Dzenid Jaganjac with another six scholarship holders of Fabrica. The documentary set out to dedicate special attention to the arrival on the international scene of the first generation of filmmakers from Bosnia as confirmation of their talent, from the end of the war to now.

Beekeeping after War, 2005
Tomas Leach (UK)

CINÉMA 2 AT 6:30 PM - duration 52 min

“A nation of excellent beekeepers lies between Friuli and Bulgaria” and their stories coincide with the history of the Balkans. Men and women who witnessed some of the most terrible fighting of the Second World War, who lived defiantly together under Communism and suffered under the control of NATO and under the bombs. In all this time, despite everything, they continued to produce outstanding honey. Their stories, told in great detail and with great enthusiasm, bear witness to the extent whereby the contradictions and hopes of these rural villages, poised between the past and the future, are deeply entrenched.

First Death Experience, 2000
Aida Begic (Bosnia)

CINÉMA 2 AT 7:30 PM - duration 26 min

Dado Bratovic (21 years old) is a comic strip writer from Sarajevo. After the war, in 1996, when renewing his identity card, he discovers that he was declared dead immediately after the start of the war in 1992. Now he has to prove that he is still alive….
First death experience is a work by Aida Begic, a twenty-four-year-old Bosnian, one of the first set of students to come out of the Film Academy of Sarajevo after the end of the war.

Official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, 2001

No Man’s Land, 2001
Danis Tanovic (Bosnia)

CINÉMA 2 AT 8:00 PM - duration 95 min

The story of two soldiers, Ciki and Nino caught in "no man's land", between the two front lines, the Bosnian and the Serbian ones, where usually only the dead lay.
Only that this time one of the dead is only injured and is a Bosnian soldier with a pressure bomb underneath him which will blow up as soon as his body is lifted by the stretcher bearers (planting bombs under the corpses of the fallen is one of the jokes the Serbs played on their Bosnian enemies, flouting all the international regulations on the recovery of the dead and injured). No man’s land suddenly becomes busy and an area for negotiation. Finally the media circus of the war correspondents from the major foreign TV channels arrives:  all of them have something to gain from the case of the injured man on the bomb. How will it end? Remember the great "The Big Carnival" by Billy Wilder?...

Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival, 2001
Best Foreign Film Award at the Golden Globe, 2002
Audience Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival, 2002
Best First Film Award at César 2002
Oscar 2002 for Best Foreign Film