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An Exhibition of Interactive and Relational Artworks
Andy Cameron has been working in interactive media design for over fifteen years. He created the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster in 1993 and went on to co-found the influential antirom design collective in 1995. He co-founded Romandson Interactive Design studio in London in 1999. In 2001 he was appointed visiting artist and subsequently creative director in interaction design at Fabrica where he is responsible for the research programs in interactive media as well as guiding Benetton’s online and interactive communication policy.
Silvia has a degree in Art & Culture Management from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rovereto Italy. She worked for the Festival and Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, where she discovered a strong passion for international events specifically related to new media and contemporary art. At Fabrica, Silvia pursued artistic research in the field of interactive art and relational aesthetics.
Born in the U.S. in 1978, Ann was raised in Thailand and educated in Chicago and New York. She studied Computer Science and received her masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University. Her works have been shown internationally in the U.S., Italy, France, Austria, Japan, and Thailand. At Fabrica, Ann is the resident blogger and researches about new media, technology and contemporary artistic practices. She also collaborates with Mark Argo, and they have recently won the Mobile Asia Competition held by the Art Center Nabi in Seoul.
Mark Argo is a Canadian-born new media artist living and working in Italy. By creating physical devices that serve as interfaces for computing, Mark has been able to explore the spaces where humans and technology connect. His work has been exhibited internationally in Asia, Europe and North America, and featured in major technology magazines such as Wired and Linux Journal. While at Fabrica, Mark has been developing ‘Commpose’, a system for the display and sharing of camera-phone images in public spaces.
Born in France in 1976, Sam Baron begins his design activity in 1997 working in several design and architecture offices in France. In 2003 and 2004 he was invited by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent French Design at the Tokyo Designers Block, winning the Prize for Best Installation with the exhibition ‘Rendez-Vous’. His projects have been exhibited in several international design e vents and fairs around the world. He currently lives and works between France, Portugal and Italy where he directs the Fabrica design department.
Jonathan Harris studied Computer Science at Princeton University and joined Fabrica in 2004. At Fabrica he created the award-winning projects 10x10 and Wordcount. Most recently, he was commissioned by Yahoo! to conceive and create the world’s largest time capsule, which was open for one month online, in ten languages.  His work has won numerous awards from AIGA, Ars Electronica, The Webby Awards, and the State of Vermont, and has been featured by CNN, Reuters, BBC, The Guardian, USA Today, NPR and Wired.  He currently works as Design Director of Daylife.com, a global news service based in New York City, and continues to collaborate with Fabrica.
Daniel Hirschmann is a South African artist who uses technology to produce organic interactive experiences.  His Fine Arts studies culminated with a Masters in Interactivity and Electronics at New York University, where he specialized in interactive sculpture. He has participated in exhibitions and conferences on three continents - most recently at Center Pompidou in Paris, France.  His work uses light and sound to create reactive, responsive and sensitive environments.  He spends his days as a researcher at Fabrica - Benetton's communication research hub in Northern Italy.
Joel studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College in London, then went on to get his Interaction Design masters degree at the Royal College of Art. Joel was at Fabrica for a full year in 2004, and afterwards joined United Visual Artists in London where he works on variety of projects including tours for U2 and Massive Attack and installations at the V&A and Tate Modern. He is currently working on his first solo show.
Dave studied New Media and Photography at the University of Westminster in London, inspired and taught by the founding members of Antirom. Dave was at Fabrica from 2001-2002 with the Interactive department where the focus of his work moved towards play and interactivity. Dave is now Lead Interactive Designer at I-D Media London, which sees him working for clients such a Renault, Ligne Roset and D&AD.
Born 1979 in Barcelona, Spain, Oriol studied Computer Science and Multimedia Engineering at La Salle Bonanova University in Spain. He worked at TV3, a local TV station, and then in “Pere Moles, dissenyador”, a design studio located in Andorra. Oriol got his masters in visual design at SPD in Milan, and is currently at Fabrica creating interactive installations.
Born 1979 in Udine, Italy, Marco is a designer with multidisciplinary talents, from interactive installation to web design, video to illustration. After completing high school studies in electronic and telecommunication sciences, and a university degree in audiovisual and multimedia arts in 2004, he was at Steinmannklinik, a high-energy creative agency in Helsinki, Finland. Upon his return from Finland Marco joined Studiocamuffo, a graphic design studio in Venice. He is currently working with the Interactive department at Fabrica collaborating with other open-minded, interdisciplinary thinkers.
Born in Santa Marta, Colombia, Juan studied Graphic Design at UJTL in Bogota and worked for Ogilvy advertising agency afterwards. Juan joined Fabrica in 2004. He won the Grand Prize from the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2005 for his work Flipbook! Currently he continues the development of Flipbook! and creates other online games and toys for Benetton.
Ross studied Time-Based Media at the UWE, Bristol before going on to complete an MA in Hypermedia at Westminster in London. During his MA he worked with designer Malcolm Garret at AMX and then went to work as a consultant in the Interactive department at Fabrica. He currently works in London as Head of Interactive for SHOWstudio, Nick Knight’s fashion and art broadcasting initiative.
Hansi was born in Kelzendorf, Austria. He studied electrical engineering and technical mathematics. His interest on computers started shortly after primary school, and he became a selfeducated programmer,freelancing for a few companies. Hansi joined Fabrica in 2005 where he indulges in his experimental computer passions.
Born 1979 in Sydney, Australia, Dave studied Design at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts where he received an honours degree and the University medal for Design in 2001. In 2001 Dave co-founded a creative studio Oxidise in Sydney. Dave was at Fabrica’s Interactive Department from 2004 until September 2005. Since that time Dave has lived and worked in Sydney, balancing his time between travel, developing new projects as part of Oxidise and teaching design at the College of Fine Arts.
Born 1979 in Bogota, Colombia, Federico engaged in various musical activities from dj-ing to leading punk bands. He moved to New York City at the age of 21 to study Audio Engineering and Design at Parsons School of Design and worked as a late night dj and led more punk bands. Federico joined Fabrica in 2005 and spends his days researching the sonic and processable possibilities of his Fender Telecaster. He also performs experimental music under the alias“BORAXX” in and around Treviso.
Born 1982 in Udine, Italy, Carlo studied percussion at the age of 10 and played in different bands with the RiotMaker crew until 2 years ago. He studied New Media at Multidas in Turin, Italy which turned his interests from music to interactivity and everything else that concerns communication. Carlo joined Fabrica in September 2005, where he learned how to program and played around with any possible combinationof programming and audio-video sources.