/ Margot Quan Knight at Fabrica
Margot Quan Knight at Fabrica
"Sustaining Creativity"

When: 17 October, 2005
Where: Fabrica, Auditorium, 6:00 p.m.
What: Lecture

Margot Quan Knight was born in 1977 in Seattle, Washington. She studied photography at Darmouth College and graduated with honours in 1999 with a Bachelor's of Art degree in Studio Art.
In 2000 she joined Fabrica’s Photography Department thanks to one of the most original portfolios ever examined.

Her work can absolutely be defined as sublime art, extraordinarily deep and unique, never cliché but at the same time accessible and communicative.
Margot's abilities go beyond disciplinary boundaries: besides her extremely developed photographic and digital imaging capabilities, Margot is also a talented writer and video maker.

Margot’s photographs have been exhibited in personal shows in Bologna, Milan, Paris and Lisbon and featured in over 40 international publications including Photo France, EFX Art and Design and Zoom.

Currently Margot lives and works in Seattle and she is represented by G.A.S. Art Gallery in Turin, Italy.

Lecture open to all
October 17th at 6:00 p.m.

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