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Graffiti System

The Fabrica graffiti system allows any visitor to the site to "draw" graffiti on the front page, or on any project page. This graffiti, once created, will then be seen by all future visitors to the Fabrica site, until such time as another piece of graffiti is created for that page, thereby overwriting all previous pieces of graffiti for that page.

The front page graffiti panel is located at the bottom of the front page. The project page graffiti panels are located along the right edge of the project pages.

To create graffiti, simply click and drag your mouse on the graffiti panel. When you're finished, click "Post Art". To start with a blank canvas, click "Clear" before starting your drawing. To add to the existing graffiti, just start drawing without pressing "Clear".

Help & Feedback

If you have further questions about the site, or feedback you would like to share, please email