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The Fabrica Idea

Fabrica, the Benetton research centre on communication, is primarily a meeting place. Meetings  between people, of course, but also between artistic fields, languages, forms of expression, territories. Even the space, the architecture is witness to this. An old villa, restored and augmented by one of the most renowned contemporary architects, Tadao Ando, like a bridge thrown between the past and the future, with cement roots solidly anchored into the earth and columns that stretch into the emptiness to hold up the sky. Is Fabrica a school? A research center? A cultural reservoir? Fabrica is a little of each but in the end doesn't allow itself to be rigidly cataloged and homogenized. This is also a sign of its uniqueness and innovation. So far, as a center for the production of culture, it has been actively involved with films awarded prizes at international festivals, books, CDs and DVDs published by renowned publishers, musical projects, exhibitions, objects and international campaigns for major institutions. Each year a group of young artists invited from all over the world, is dedicated, through photography, design, music,video, writing, interactive and visual communication, to uncover the future.