Guillermo Rivero
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Guillermo Rivero

From: Mexico

Guillermo Rivero was born in town where a catholic church stands over an Aztec pyramid. One can still visit both; one can indulge himself between the cults of either of the gods that are worshiped there. Growing up in such a place, he understood diversity and how identity matters.

He studied in Mexico, where he finished his BA in International Relations. Later he would continue to study the relation of culture and politics; recently he finished his MA in Transatlantic studies in Berlin, Germany. The diversity of his home town is something that he continuously tries to discover wherever he finds himself. He has been writing for different magazines and collaborating with different publications over the years. With an up-close and personal approach his main focus is now directed to the intriguing multilevel system called Europe.

12 Apr, 2006
1 Apr, 2006
20 Dec, 2005