Martin Redigolo
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Martin Redigolo
Interaction Designer

From: Germany

Martin Redigolo is an information architect living in Stuttgart/Germany.

He came to Fabrica in September 2003 and was working in the interactive department on a video server network for Benetton Mega Stores and the United People video messaging system.
After leaving Fabrica he graduated as "Communication Designer" and "Master of Arts in European Media" at the Merz Akademie Stuttgart. His final project is about third generation mobile phones and the change of the user's perception of reality due to the growing use of video technology. Moreover he developed an interactive application to stream and share videos on mobile phones based on the user's location.

Right now he's Project Manager at Werbewelt Interactive. He's leading the creative process for developing individual website strategies and concepts. His clients are for e.g. HUGO BOSS AG, DaimlerChrysler AG and Manhattan Cosmetics.

21 Apr, 2004