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Andrea Santamarina

From: Spain

Andrea Santamarina: Urban Animal

After five years between canvases, paint and too much tupertine, she took off. She left art and headed into the world of Design, changing the brush for the cursor in Illustrator. She got caught up with functionality, good taste, order and distinctions.

Andrea/ Andreuca/ Andrews was born in 1980, at La Pace hospital, right in the city centre of Madrid. She grew up between cinema rooms, drop curtains in theaters, ceramic ovens and piles of books and newspapers. This was the imaginative world she lived: the world of the arts. Then she arrived to Fabrica, where she discovered the reality, putting her feets on the earth.

Between 98-02, she studied Fine Art at the UCM of Madrid, during which she spent the fourth year at L`Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna (Italy), with a grant. Up until now, she has published her works in the magazine "Claves de la Razon Practica" , she has exhibited her work in several galleries and in one museum in Spain. Also, she has worked as a photographer, a curator and an artist director.
Her plan for the future is to go to London to get an MA in Scenography, at Central Saint Martins and coming back to her natural enviroment: the city caos.

She has been at Fabrica since October 2004.

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