Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
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Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

From: Spain

When I asked him about his work, he simply replied:
“I like the idea of my work being part of my
personality. Work is a journey that takes me to
different places; sometimes these places are physical
and other times intellectual”. He continued, “I am a
self-taught graphic artist; to be honest, I learn from
the people that I work with. People from an array of
disciplines; from architects to philosophers or from
painters to global corporations. I think it’s
important to work with people with all sorts of
backgrounds. This is not only about work; I live my
life the same way. I don’t like to talk that much
about work, but I enjoy living like this: meeting
people and traveling while doing it”. Then we started
talking about other stuff, but about that you will
find out soon.

This interview was conducted by Guillermo Rivero
one evening in FABRICA right before heading for a
delicious pizza in Treviso.