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Marco Mucig

From: Italy

Marco Mucig is equally at home designing snowboards as riding them.

Born 1979 in Cividale del Friuli, outside Udine, northeastern Italy, Marco is a multidisciplinary designer. After completing high school studies in electronic and telecommunication sciences, and a university degree in audiovisual and multimedia arts in 2004 he was at Steinmannklinik, a high energy creative agency in Helsinki, Finland. Upon his return from Finland Marco worked first producing publications, exhibitions and corporate identity projects for Studiocamuffo - Venice.

He is currently completing a year long scholarship in the interactive department at Fabrica and contributing as a freelance designer, photographer and writer for several clients. Most recently Marco collaborated with two Fabrica designers to create the interactive component of international artist Lucy Orta’s exhibition for the Bevilacqua la Masa foundation in Venice. While at Fabrica he has also been responsible for producing fashion label Killer Loop’s new website.

While he has considerable experience and achievements as a solo designer, Marco most enjoys working in teams and collaborating with other open-minded, interdisciplinary thinkers. His ability to move between different media and working arrangements with ease is reflected in his diverse range of interests, including: photography, illustration, cinema, graphic arts, design, skateboarding, snowboarding (he has competed in national competitions for the past two years).

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21 Jun, 2005