a snapshot of the creativity of Fabrica

Date: 01 February, 2003

Fabrica Files is published by Electa twice a year as a collection of projects produced by Fabrica. Each volume is made up of six different sections corresponding to as many individual or collective projects. Together they form a snapshot of the creativity of these young artists from around the world.

Fabrica Files 01-06 includes:
· Margot Knight’s photographic surrealism
· Giorgia Ricci’s dream-like illustrations
· Mattia Zoppellaro’s still lives
· Visual commentary on the September 11th tragedy
· Reflections on the creative process resulting from a workshop
· Invitations designed by different artists for lectures and workshops held at Fabrica

Fabrica Files 07-12 includes:
· Images created in the continuous search for creativity
· A contemporary view on the myth of the mask by Gabriele Riva and Mattia Zoppellaro
· The new dimensions of conceptual design of XYZ
· The delirious ecstasy of Federica Palmarin’s photography
· Fabrica’s visual editorials
· The surreal illustrations of Gints Apsits

Fabrica Files 13-18 includes:
· Fabrica’s social campaigns
· Craig Holden Feinberg’s typographical voyage
· Christina’s Föllmer’s reflections on time
· The biblical metaphor of Stefan Rauter’s comics
· Pierre Fichefeux’s black portraits
· Borut Peterlin’s reportage at 5 in the morning


Files for Download:
FABRICA FILES 01-06 (Cover Fabrica Files 1-06.jpg - 1240.1 kb)
FABRICA FILES 07-12 (Cover Fabrica Files 07-12.jpg - 1271.929 kb)
FABRICA FILES 13-18 (Cover Fabrica Files 13-18.jpg - 305.961 kb)