/ Fusi Orari - book covers
Fusi Orari - book covers
Andreas Rød Skilhagen
1 January, 2004

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Fusi Orari is Internatzionale magazines new publishing house.
Their books are written by different authors from around the world. They contain relevant issues of today’s society and Fabrica was asked to create their covers.

Complicazioni by Atul Gawande is a book discussing the emotional aspects of being a doctor. The limitations and the human feelings involved. It’s written by a surgeon, and explores his personal thoughts and views regarding this topic.
I chose to show a doctor examining himself rather than a patient.

Domani andrà peggio by Amira Hass, is talking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. She is an Israeli journalist, living in an area occupied by Palestine’s. The book talks about changing borders, occupation and the human factors involved. I used a watch as a way to show borders changing with time.

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