/ The wife’s trolley
The wife’s trolley
Francesca De Pascale
14 July, 2004

Contributors: Illustrations by Conrado Almada

The supermarket collects many different types of humanities. What are people thinking about while they are in the supermarket? Who are the people in the supermarket?
These short stories are written as pictures, as portraits of all the souls lost in the supermarket…
This project of writing short stories about people in the supermarket is the challenge of imagining the lives of the daily consumers.
The act of buying is something that evokes stories: why do people buy? What do people think about while they push their trolleys?

Sixty stories. Sixty visions of life.

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Alice (Alice.doc - 22.016 kb)
Matteo (matteo.doc - 579.584 kb)
Domenico (DOMENICO.doc - 596.48 kb)
Martina (MARTINA.doc - 20.992 kb)
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