/ Cylinder
28 January, 2005

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At the 2004 Biennale Internationale Design of Saint-Etienne

A series of tri-dimensional shapes translated from sound, resulting from an experimentation between interactive design and music.

The project, conceived by Drew Allan and Andy Huntington, a designer and a musician working together at Fabrica, grew, as they say, “from a desire to represent the complexity of today’s world in a designed object..”

Cylinder is, to put it simply, a ‘sound’ to ‘object’ translator. These “translations” on show at Saint Etienne go from the varied sound shape of the market in Treviso (where Fabrica is based) to the multi-layered form of the voice of Martin Luther King to the faceted image of a simple breath..

6- 14 November 2004
Curator: Pedro Ferreira (Portugal)

Fabrica Features Lisbon
28 of January- 27 of May 2005
Curator: Luca Mathia Bertoncello(Italy)
Graphics:Gabriele Riva, Isotta Dardilli (Italy)

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