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Mail Me
1 June, 2004

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Madrid Exhibition
19 May- 05 June 2004
Bd Madrid, Villanueva 5, 28001 Madrid

Barcelona Exhibition
1-17 April 2004

Mail Me Book
Published by Electa 2004

Mail me is a multidisciplinary project that resulted from the research for the design of a mailbox developed by Fabrica for the Spanish company Bd Ediciones de Diseño. It is the result of thorough research on the theme executed by the young artists at Fabrica. A group reflection to which many famous creators like Alan Fletcher, Reed Kram, Ed Fella, Enlightenment, Kazuiko Hachiya, Matali Crasset, Charlie White, Uwe Loesch, Oscar Mariné, el Bulli, Ora-ïto, Dextro o Delaware?whether it be on paper, fax or email?have added their personal experiences, general impressions, sublime visions, funny solutions and mental interpretations. The results are collected in a unique book published by Electa and a conceptual exhibition that will travel by post to various cities around the world.

Mail me

_ISBN 8837028431
_Publication Year: 2004

Imprint: Electa
Section: Arte
Series: Arte contemporanea
Language: Trilingual Italian/English/Spanish
Total pages: 338
Color Illustrations: 326
Format: 21 x 21