/ Building Hong Kong 10
Zou Ma. Kan Hua.

Building Hong Kong 10
Zou Ma. Kan Hua.

1 October, 2004

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An art exhibition by Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) at Fabrica Features Hong Kong

In collaboration with Kaleidoscope Kreations Limited
Date: October 27th, 2003 – 8th Decemeber, 2003

Nobody is certain when the “red, white and blue” (RWB) material first arrived in the world. Nor does anybody know from where these colours originated. Was it from Hong Kong? China? Or some other parts of the world?

But what immediately springs to mind with “red, white and blue” is its individuality: while the material sustains in rain or shine elements, it resembles the toughness that each and every one is experiencing in Hong Kong. It evokes the ideal of fighting against any adversity so as to build a positive spirit for Hong Kong.

The idea of the exhibition arose from an observation of the general malaise among Hong Kong people, resulting from the long-lasting downturn in the economy and the ensuing prudence on expenditure by companies and institutions alike. Indulging themselves in seeking joy and maximizing life in their birthplace, Hong Kong people seem to have lost confidence and faith in their own city. Disheartened, this has led to a feeling of insecurity at home.

Just as its counterparts in Bologna and Lisbon, Fabrica Features Hong Kong is a very important observatory on local trends and we find interaction with the indigenous world of art, design and communication very inspiring. We appreciates Anothermountainman’s creativity and insights and , therefore, commissioned him to produce such an exclusive piece of urban sculpture and installation for Fabrica Features Hong Kong.The message this project wishes to convey is that we can build up confidence and morale of Hong Kong people by 'Building Hong Kong' through this artistic interpretation of building sites - something with which Hong Kong people are familiar, and to which they regard positively with hope and accomplishment. Ultimately we wish to boost Hong Kong people’s morale thus raising Hong Kong’s spirit and energy.

Fabrica Features is the name of a new network of commercial and cultural spaces (the first of which are already open inside Benetton megastores in Bologna, Lisbon and Hong Kong) developed by Fabrica, Benetton Group’s communication research centre. It is a vehicle for a culture no longer based only on books but also on encounters, traditions, sensitivities. Fabrica Features is a multiethnic, multimedia and multipurpose space where concerts, video shows, live performances, conferences, one-person shows and workshops become key opportunities for gathering together.