/ - = + Minus Equals Plus
- = + Minus Equals Plus
13 December, 2001

a multimedia art exhibition by Jean-Sebastien Lallemand

Just as its counterparts in Bologna and Lisbon, Fabrica Features Hong Kong is a window for introducing and displaying some of the most significant works and researchers of Fabrica to the public. Following Jean-Sebastien Lallemandís Doodle exhibition held in both of the Fabrica Features in Bologna and Lisbon in July and October 2003 respectively, Fabrica Features Hong Kong has commissioned this former Fabrica researcher to produce an extension of Doodle during his stay in the territory. Apart from featuring the drawings exhibited at Doodle, Lallemand has also infused novel and extraordinary ideas to this exhibition so as to make the ordinary even more extraordinary - this marks the birth of Minus Equals Plus.

The Artistís Statement
Minus Equals Plus, absurd as it first sounds, is an invitation to drop oneís mathematical vision on things and look at them with feelings, intuition and a twist of humour - void of rationality.

This is when a whole poetic world reveals itself - zero-shaped rubber bands are used to produce accessories or furniture, white thread is muted as movie screens, pens and correction pens become paintings. The simplest object can tell a story of its own if you forget its original purpose and the meaning that usually attach to it.

Minus Equals Plus is not a pure oxymoron as it makes sense when it is zero. This proposition not only reflects a creative process - creating from scratch - but also attempts to keep things simple so as to make them more powerful: this is when minus equals plus.