31 August, 2005

The fourth CD due for release is dedicated to Brasilian Favela’s music.

Music as an expression of the world’s different cultures: the fourth CD of the series Colors Music Rio Funk presents the best contemporary funk tracks produced in some of Rio de Janeiro’s 600 favelas.

Funk is probably the most original and interesting musical phenomenon to come out of Brazil in recent years It originates from Miami bass and booty bass music of the late 80´s hip-hop incarnations.

The influence of this music on local DJs went on to produce a unique autochthonous movement that grew mainly in Rio which developed into today’s funk carioca style: a unique mix of big bass, raw explicit lyrics, ripped off pop samplers, and naïve electronics.

Funk carioca is to today what samba was in the 70´s, music produced by the lower class that makes it to the mainstream of higher-class consumption. The flourishing of Funk is also associated with parties, or “bailes”, where DJs and MCs cheer masses of young dancers into sexual and synchronized choreographies. This compilation celebrates the creativity and spontaneity of this new musical generation.

This compilation features the best of contemporary funk straight from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, with an exclusive video extra track, where Thiago Da Silva of the Bonde do Minasgas group features a cappella of the song "As gatinhas” in the middle of a street in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro’s biggest favela. The video was shot in March 2003 by Carlos Casas. Plus the compilation will also have a 48 page photo booklet.

Colors Music represents the musical extension of Colors Magazine. Founded ten years ago on the idea that difference is a positive thing but that all cultures have the same value, Colors is a quarterly magazine “about the rest of the world”. Sold in 40 countries and published in three editions and four languages, the magazine is part of the editorial activities of Fabrica and uses a network of external correspondents from the four corners of the world.

Produced under agreement with Irma Records, an international label distributed by Sony Music, founded in Bologna in 1988 and with branches in London and New York, Colors Music compilations, out in stores in Italy on August 29th and in the rest of the world on September 19th, are distributed both in big chains and specialized stores.

The next CD in the Colors Music series is dedicated to Inner Asia pop and will be out in music stores from April 2006.