30 May, 2005

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Fabrica Virtuale

From Summer 2005 Fabrica offers Fabrica Virtuale - a 3D online space which models every detail of the famous building by Tadao Ando. Fabrica Virtuale was created as a mod for the Quake engine, based on the popular 1st person shooter game Quake 3, by ID software.

Pierre Fichefeux, one of the three designers of Fabrica Virtuale, started out as a photographer at Fabrica. He spent most of his time playing Quake online, as part of the legendary FU Clan, an international group of online gamers who use the Quake engine, not to shoot each other, but for more experimental and creative purposes - like synchronized dancing.

Fabrica recognized the unique creative possibles for online creative experiences offered by 3D engines like Quake, and asked Pierre to create Fabrica Virtuale. He invited Mathieu Guimier and Harun Alikadic to help him do the modelling and programming.

Fabrica Virtuale allows people all around the world to visit Fabrica and its extraordinary architecture, to see special Fabrica exhibitions and to meet and talk with the international community of people who work in
Fabrica. The space has one important difference from the normal Quake experience - no violence..

'We took the guns and turned them into paintbrushes' says Harun Alikadic. 'We hope that people will express themselves in a peaceful way in Fabrica Virtuale'.

Fabrica Virtuale Downloads:

Click here to download Fabrica Virtuale for PC.
Click here to download Fabrica Virtuale for Mac
Click here to watch the movie about Fabrica Virtuale.

For more information email questions@fabrica.it

Files for Download:
Fabrica Virtuale 1 (shot0006.tif - 1463.892 kb)
Fabrica Virtuale 2 (shot0007.tif - 1463.432 kb)
Fabrica Virtuale 3 (shot0037.tif - 1464.028 kb)
Fabrica Virtuale 4 (shot0055.tif - 1462.132 kb)
Fabrica Virtuale 6 (shot0059.tif - 1462.68 kb)
Fabrica Virtuale 5 (shot0058.tif - 1462.368 kb)
Fabrica Virtuale 7 (shot0082.tif - 1462.796 kb)
Introduction Movie (8.7 mb) (introduction_small.mov - 8934.025 kb)