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A Perfect Weekend
4 May, 2005

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A Perfect Weekend
New lifestyles for new realities


A Perfect Weekend was present at:
Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2005 - Milano, from 13 to 18 April
Evento Fuorisalone
MiArt 2005: Milano International Conteporary Art Fair - from 5 to 8 of May
Official Fair Organization Installation

and presented at:
ICFF 2005 - New York City, 16 May
"Design Entrepreneurs: Connecting Cultures" Metropolis Magazine Conference

A Perfect Weekend, or how design can have a social impact and modify habits and behavior.
A Perfect Weekend is a story or rather the continuation of a story started by Aldo Cibic with “Microrealities” in the last edition of the Venice Biennial and followed by “A simple life” exhibited in Verona in the “Abitare il Tempo” fair.
A story that offers us alternatives for living better and more consciously than before. A story that takes the shape of a tent or several tents but isn’t a story about camping. And, if anything, is an enticement to be sociable and spend time with others. To rediscover basic, old-fashioned values without rejecting or losing that pleasure and quality of things that makes life better.
A Perfect Weekend is an economically (and ecologically) sophisticated answer of apparent and manic luxury, or of downward ratification. Which is why the “5 star” tent, to use a standardized code, was made as an alternative route and reality to the insane crowding of mass movement and becomes the icon for a new lifestyle.
A Perfect Weekend, by complimenting the design with detailed socioeconomic research, aims to open new roads to consumption of objects that reduce consumption over time, to rediscovering the quality and core of things, without falling into an impoverished aesthetics.
A Perfect Weekend springs from reflection on the reduced buying power of the middle classes, but is also an attempt to reeducate people in material and immaterial values, ethics and aesthetics.
While at the same time searching for materials, form and structure.
In harmony with space.


Aldo Cibic with Tommaso Corà

Luca Mathia Bertoncello
Valentina Carretta
Meric Kara
Bethany Koby
Francesco Meneghini
Alejandro Mingarro de Uria
David Neustein
Massimo Parolin
Andres Reymondes
Keren Rosen
Andrea Santamarina
Matteo Zorzenoni

Nunzia Carbonara
Sabrina Cei
Alessandro Cerri
Sandra Farfan
Stefano Giussani
Francesca Lima
Alice Manzoni
Andrea Marcovici
Sara Piasentin
Cristina Reolon

Paola Pastorini
Monica Larsen

Linus Nilsson
Marco Mucig

Ratti Flora
Alpes Inox
Arkilux con Color Kinetics
Caimi Brevetti
Grazia Bagnaresi
Mauro Bolognesi
Ottone e Meloda
Paola C.
Paola Lenti


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