5 May, 2005

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Contributors: design: Fabrica 3D Design Department graphics: Isotta Dardilli

13- 18 April 2005
Milan Furniture Fair
Showroom Paola C.
Via Solferino, 11

With Fab Tab, Fabrica and Paola C. once again present work together at the Milan Furniture Fair.
Paola C. is a brand that manufactures and sells objects tied to the art of the table. Production is coordinated by Aldo Cibic, Art Director of Paola C., who each year invites young designers from the world’s most important schools to design new objects using different materials.
Young designers from around the world have answered the call: from London’s Royal College, from Fabrica, the Benetton group’s communication research center and from Tongji University in Shanghai. The chosen objects are manufactured and sold in shops that stock Paola C. collections.
For this year’s Milan Furniture Fair Fabrica’s designers come out to play again with a seven piece collection. Seven small/large objects full of expression and personality that are able to transform every day at the table into a unique event. Seven ideas for seven special occasions, seven “easy” yet not trivial pieces for every day of the week. Seven everyday objects that are transformed into unique pieces thanks to the “distinctive” Fabrica stamp and also to the use of materials different to those used in Paola C.’s traditional editions. For the first time silicon and resins have encroached upon ceramic, glass and stainless steel.
The collection includes two candle-holders, one in colored glass with holders made of anodized aluminum, very elegant, the other a square ceramic base that, due to a series of holes, can be used as a display to make numbers and light designs. There are also two vases, one made of silicon, soft and colorful with bas-relief decorations, the other a capsule-vase made of glass and aluminum with holes to hold a few large flowers. A colorful stylized resin tray in the shape of a frying pan. And to end with fruit, a table piece in clear resin that opens in sections and a big silicon bowl that takes different shapes according to the fruit it contains.
Every year Fabrica, as a laboratory of applied creativity, invites over fifty young artists from all over the world to develop communication projects in the areas of design, writing, photography, graphic design, music, video and interactive. Using different languages but at the same time mixing disciplines and means, Fabrica bursars can intervene on the world, on its representation and understanding.

art direction: Aldo Cibic & Tommaso Corà

vase: silicon by Andrea Santamarina (Spain)

digital candle holder: ceramic by Meric Kara (Turkey)

tray:resin by David Neustein (Australia)

vase: glass and aluminium by Andrea Santamarina (Spain)

fruit bowl: silicon by Alejandro Mingarro di Uria (Spain)

candle holder: glass and aluminium by Luca Mathia Bertoncello (Italy)

fruit bowl: resin by Alejandro Mingarro di Uria

for further information: www.cibicfiles.com/fabtab_pressbook/