/ Happiness in the garden
Happiness in the garden
13 April, 2005

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Contributors: 3D Design Department --birdhouse: Alejandro Mingarro di Uria (Spain) --hanger, divider, bike rack: Pedrita (Portugal) --rocking bench: Gabriele Schiavon (Italy) --shower: Elena Arribas, Alejandro Mingarro di Uria (Spain)

Happiness in the garden
Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan
13-18 April 2005
Hall 20 – room III – stand G14

A collection of furnishings for the garden created by a team of young Fabrica designers for Casamania by Frezza will debut at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Only a selection of pieces offered in the broad range will be on display. These pieces have been designed with an eye for detail to make outdoor living more comfortable and practical.

The distinguishing characteristic of the collection, which is made using plastic, a light, simple material, lies in the combination of concept and function—to produce objects that both meet a practical need and make the external environments we live in more esthetically pleasing.

And so the wires of a simple laundry line are held up by stylized trees and the decorations on a wind breaker are created by the light that shines through it, while little birds shelter in towers that can stand alone without a tree. Not to mention a “portable” shower complete with a colored tub that collects water and becomes something for children to play with. Or a bicycle stand, a colored disc with a slit cut into it that can be half-buried, or a rocking bench for two.