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10 March, 2005

Fabrica.it relaunch

The new Fabrica website has been designed to cope with and communicate the enormous amount of creative work going on at Fabrica all the time. The site is dynamic and can be rapidly updated by everyone at Fabrica. The design is based on a card system which offers different level of access - Fabrica cards for major works, project cards for other works and a graffiti card which visitors can use to leave comments about the site and the work they find in it. Graphically the site is based on a simple grid designed to help visitors find what they want as fast as possible.

One cool new feature is that that the Fabrica logo is transformed every time a new project is posted to the site - literally transforming the identity of Fabrica with each new piece of work.

Fabrica.it was redesigned by Jon Harris and launched in March 2005 under the supervision of Andy Cameron, Creative Director of Interactive at Fabrica. Selwa Sweidan worked as project manager and Linus Nilsson completed further development during the testing and development phase.

Files for Download:
Fabrica.it screenshot for download (FrontPage.jpg - 252.713 kb)
Screen shot 2 for download (GalleryPage.jpg - 228.609 kb)
Screen shot 3 for download (GraffitiSystem.jpg - 9.79 kb)
Screen shot 4 for download (CalendarofEvents.jpg - 208.944 kb)
Screen shot 5 for download (SearchPeoplePage.jpg - 128.461 kb)