7 September, 2005

Contributors: Producer: Joe Togneri

Fabrica at Mittelmoda_the fashion award 2005
Video clips traces the finalists’ stories

For this 13th edition of Mittelmoda_the fashion award, that will take place on 9_10 September 2005 in Grado_Gorizia, Italy, where will show case their collections, Fabrica has realized the video clips to accompany the outfits on the catwalk of the 28 finalists. A mixture of photo collages, travel memories, personal adventures and experiences of places will be shown to trace the finalists’ stories, providing a global idea of the collections’ inspirations and the designers’ cultural backgrounds.

An introductory video, especially created for Mittelmoda by Fabrica’s video-makers, featuring the finalists at work during the three-day-event in Grado, will open the show on Saturday night.

Both Mittelmoda and Fabrica are interested in supporting international creativity, presenting themselves as meeting points between different cultures, ideas, and traditions. In fact, the 28 creators have been chosen among over 700 entries from 620 academies in 65 nations, as to further prove that the event is acquiring more and more international relevance.


main image by Puwanit Chetanananda (Thailand) - London College of Fashion


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Antoine Peters (ANTOINE_PETERS_031.jpg - 218.854 kb)
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