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Internazionale Recipe Illustrations
Nicole Kenney
13 September, 2005

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Internazionale is an Italian weekly news magazine that selects articles from the most important journals worldwide, translating them to Italian. Each issue includes a section dedicated to recipes from different countries. Since May of 2005, Nicole Kenney has been illustrating this section.
Illustrations are for the following recipes:
1. Empanadas from Mexico
2. Beef Patties from Jamaica
3. Traditional soba-tsuyu from Japan
4. Pan Bagnat Sandwich from France
5. Potato and Shrimp Cake from Belgium
6. Pasta with Duck from Vietnam
7. Cold Vegetable Soup from Turkey
8. Goat Stew from India
9. Chicken Kebab from Middle East Region
10. Dessert from India


Nicole Kenney
(United States)


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