/ Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back.
Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back.
1 November, 2005

An exhibition and a book celebrating ten years of Fabrica creativity.

November 18 - December 30, 2005
Zeroone Design Center
Seoul, Korea

“Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back” is an exhibition and a book that celebrate ten years (1994/2004) of ideas, projects, personalities, events and experimentation from Fabrica.

“Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back” is the result of an extraordinary and unique vision of the world, a gallery of so many visions that have found their expression at Fabrica: not just images, but also objects, videos, music and installations that have charted a unique and recognizable way of communicating that, while representing itself, also represents the creative peak of our times.

“Fabrica” states Luciano Benetton in the book preface, “was created, to capitalize on the value of a type of communication which goes against the current, to unite culture and industry, to apply a typically entrepreneurial concept: the ability to risk by investing in ideas and creativity. The initial idea, developed together with Oliviero Toscani, was also a bridge between the visionary dream-a laboratory where the communication of the future could be planned-and concrete experimentation in the field. Between utopia and the reality of a world in chaotic transformation.”

Founded in 1994, Fabrica is a unique place-virtual and real at the same time -that lives and changes through a continuous exchange of experiences. Fabrica has, over the years, been host to hundreds of young emerging artists from all over the world, with their wealth of cultures and experiences, who have mixed among themselves and with some of the most important personalities in art, culture and communication.

Fabrica’s story is a story of the creative process itself and not of its results. The predominance of ideas over materials, tools, structures, forms and methods, as an undeniable vehicle for creation, is the true mark of Fabrica. "Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back" narrates the past as a process that is still in the course of developing.

Zeroone Design Center is a new space for exhibitions, seminars and education opened in March 2004 by the Graduate School of Design of Kookmin University, one of Korean leading design schools. The Zeroone Design Center aims to apply the Kookmin University know-how in design to life-long education and to contribute to society as a whole, organizing exhibitions and special lectures by outstanding designers both from Korea or abroad, regular shows and screenings.

Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back
18 November – 30 December, 2005
Opening: November 18th at 7:00 p.m.

1-1 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul, Korea
tel. 82 2 745 2490