/ FAB 06 IS OUT!
5 December, 2005

Fab magazine is a tool to explore Fabrica's world through images, short stories and interviews with famous visitors who cross our paths.
Fab is conceived to explore the fascinating interaction between images and text, at the same time, it is the result of different people and experiences that meet by chance. Fab, edited by the creative writing department, is published quarterly.


"A story is created every time interference changes the state of something."
(P. Fabbri, Semiologist)

In life, like in stories, there ís a moment where everything changes. The moment in which nothing is as it was. The precise point where just a short time you were climbing and then suddenly you íre moving downward. And so characters, after beginnings we have now arrived at the turning point. Loves. Choices. Departures. Deaths. Catastrophes. Mistakes. Crazy. Purchases. Sudden Decisions. Escapes. Predicaments. Unexpected turns of events. Details that need to be changed. Unexpected forks in the road. We have understood that there is no way to keep things as they are: in the best (or worst) case they move round so that they come back to the departure point but with a higher odometer...

In the issue interviews with:

Tom Leach
Steve Lidbury
Bruce Sterling
Andy Stevens

FAB 06: Download PDF (9.8 MB)