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Colors 66 Best Wishes
11 January, 2006

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An issue that offers a unique portrait of the world: a world where AIDS is just a meaningless sequence of letters, where people living in poverty prefer to stay poor rather than become rich and worry about becoming poor again; where the bird flu killed all the pigeons in Paris and where people can change gender for a week; where Palestine exists, the human species has been upgraded to level 2, animals talk Finnish and the Pope goes on hunger strike to obtain free medicines for Africa. A world with no passports, teleport as a main means of transportation, an American President elected by non American people, free plastic surgery and millions of lottery winners driving around their luxurious cars. A world not as it is, but as people think it should be.

An extraordinary document on the world’s frustration and a source of inspiration for everyone that prefers to look at what it could be, rather than complaining about what it is.

BEST WISHES. To try to understand if escaping reality means giving up trying to change it, or is the first step to creating a new one.

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