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31 March, 2006

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Benettonplay is a free online games site which explores play as a form of expression and communication.

Plato the Greek wrote: 'That which has neither utility nor truth nor likeness, nor yet, in its effects is harmful, can best be judged by the criterion of the charm which is in it, and by the pleasure it affords. Such pleasure, entailing as it does no appreciable good or ill, is play.

Things have changed a bit since Plato's time. Play, and playing the game, is something else these days. Interactive gaming has grown into an enormous global media industry and is now a very serious business. Playing together on computer or console is one of the key ways we know ourselves and each other.

We believe that there's more to play than shoot 'em ups and driving sims.

We believe that the meaning of a game is not what it says, but in how it helps players find new ways to be together and to speak to each other.

We believe that putting people into new kinds of creative relationships with each other is a statement of faith in the power of play.

We hope you enjoy playing on Benettonplay.

Let the games begin.