/ FAB 07
FAB 07
10 April, 2006


The end is a movie screen word.
The end may mean wonder. Fear. Surprise. Relief. Doubt. Delusion. New start. Destruction. The end is a border, a frontier, a goal. The end is definite. The end is a new start. The end is unpredictable. The end. It’s expectation. The end erases. The end rewrites. The end opens. Things end in different ways.
One day you’re alive, the next you’re not. One day you’re a virgin, the next day you’re not. One day you’re twenty-five, one day you’re single, one day you’re homeless, one day you’re wrong. And then it’s all over.
Each of us determine our own endings. Sometimes we end something. Eventually something will end us. And even then some endings are retroactive and we don’t realize that something has ended until it does. Whatever it is whatever shape it’s got, the end comes and that’s it. It marks the end of a sentence without caring about starting a new paragraph. It takes the start away with its characters and the turn of events. We’re used to some kind of sequel even if it doesn’t exist after the end. With this issue, on the contrary, we’d like to be definite. The end.

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Interviews included in this issue:
Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya
Photography: Interviews with Chris Boot, Francois Hébel and Martin Parr
Witnessing The End: A conversation with Pieter Hugo

Warning by Guillermo Rivero
Lines by Juliana Loh
There is no easy way out. No shortcut home. by A. P. Smith
Rome, April 16th by Cosimo Bizarri
Cheers by Annalisa Merelli