/ 'Icing Or Cake, Wear Your Couch' installation during the ICFF.
'Icing Or Cake, Wear Your Couch' installation during the ICFF.
17 May, 2006

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Contributors: Concept Design and Development: Bethany Koby and Selwa Sweidan.
Design and Development Collaboration: Eric Faggin and Sam Baron.
Concept and Support: Ann Poochareon, Daniel Hirschmann and Linus Nilsson.

“Icing or Cake..Wear Your Couch” is a critique contextualizing the value of objects within the framework of the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair).

This off-site installation takes place in two storefront windows in Manhattan exploring the stories of objects and the relationships between the design, the designer, the producer, the shopkeeper and the customer. We will physically strip the surface and dissasemble a couch to then create and display objects composed of pieces of a couch. Visitors will take with them an object and an experience.

The context of the furniture fair, the scenography of their performance, and the communication related to this piece all work together to provoke the participation of visitors to the ICFF by inviting them to wear a couch. Through the performance of stripping the couch we will create a series of parts, wearable pins made out of the “icing” of the couch. For most visitors, the items at a trade fair are looked at and appreciated, but are not fully experienced. “Icing or Cake” will take place in two separate storefront windows, one downtown (at The Apartment) and one uptown (Chashama - 112 west 44th street). In the uptown window, found furniture (a couch) from the streets of new york will be stripped of their surfaces and the aftermath displayed in a systematic testimony to its construction and made into wearable badges. Later, in the downtown window, a designer sofa donated by moooi is being stripped of its surface and reappropriated as wearable badges. Visitors and passersby will be given this memento. This installation aims to contextualize and activate the fair by involving two very different parts of new york city. “icing or cake” invites the visitors into an initiative, independent of industrial demands. this installation creates a situation to explore the relationships between design, designer, producer, shopkeeper and customer.

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