/ O-i-R at Fabrica Features
O-i-R at Fabrica Features
6 June, 2006

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From June 3rd - 30th, the Fabrica Features space in Lisbon will host 7 Adapter, a project by the Portuguese Visual Artist Hugo Oliveira and Designer Marta Ruivo from O-I-R.

7 Adapter is a collection of super-portable adapters for 7" vinyl records, easy to carry and affordable: a very functional solution for those who usually forget or loose them. Each series is characterized by a different image stamped on it. The adapters, put together, create graphic patterns printed on black or white t-shirts which can be purchased at the shop. A dee-jay set was organized at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 3rd.

Fabrica Features (Benetton megastore)
Rua Garrett, 83 - Lisbon

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