/ The Left Hand of Glenn Gould
The Left Hand of Glenn Gould
19 December, 2001

The title of the work The left hand of Glenn Gould, takes its cue from both the explosive visual and musical expression developed by the great Canadian pianist during his concerts–expression documented in archive footage. Through the medium of theatre, this musical performance of Fabrica Musica explored the field of the musician’s physical expression through his musical action therefore permanently marrying these two aspects and concentrating in particular on the face, also through the use of video. Through music, dance, theatre, video, live electronics, all based on the texts of Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, Marcel Beyer and many others: an experimental set resulting from a workshop lasting several weeks. The left hand of Glenn Gould is a stage project of the students of the Institut für angewandte Theaterwissenschaft (Institute for theatre studies) of the University of Justus Liebig in Giessen, Germany directed by the composer and director Professor Heiner Goebbels and by Fabrica Musica, co-ordinated by the composer and orchestra conductor Andrea Molino, head of the Fabrica Musica department.