17 October, 2006

Contributors: RANDOLPH ALBRIGHT Born in Baltimore, USA, 1978. Lives and works in Alentejo, Portugal since 2003. Studied photography, film history and sociology at the University of Maryland. Specialized in art theory and gastronomy in Firenze. Randolph Albright is the heart of Superfantastic Art Engine, a nomadic exhibition organism, dedicated to providing emerging artists with opportunities to show artworks outside the gallery-artschool-museum systems. Most recently uniting three of Porto's most diverse alternative art spaces for an international collective exhibition of over thirty young artists entitled "a galinha da vizinha é melhor do que minha". A virtual catalogue of the exhibition can be viewed at www.superfantastic.squerk.org

The mural commisioned for Fabrica Features Lisboa, presents an image borrowed from an earlier series, initially distibuted through editions of blueprints, or heliocópias.
The editions utilize minute architectural transfers of figures produced by an italian company known as R-41. The figures were initially marketed as a graphic aid to architects, providing visual references to the scale of a given plan. Amongst the many figures of businessmen, women holding parcels, and children playing, were discovered the morbid images of dead or injured figures, broken glass, and spilled blood/oil. Recontextualized into an open narrative plateau, these forgotten figures destined only for the drawing board have been given a new life in a critical time.

Contact: randytime@hotmail.com