/ FABRICA FEATURES PARIS a temporary store by Fabrica
FABRICA FEATURES PARIS a temporary store by Fabrica
15 September, 2006

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Contributors: Fabrica design department head: Sam Baron / Parisian Project team: Amélie Marciasini, Bethany Koby, Miren Maranon, Eric Faggin, Valentina Carretta / Special help by Becka Citron and Massimo Parolin.

As a part of the Fabrica exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Fabrica Design Department created a temporary store that will last 5 months. The store is a project exploring the process of creating a retail space using materials and resources locally.

The concept behind the store is: 5 designers, 5 days to make the space, 50 products to display. Each designer was involved in sharing their personal and cultural views on the retail experience. Concept, resourcing, organization, and execution was a collective effort.

The store consists of a shelving sculpture made out of metro shelving in the gallery space, a stock room of yellow customized products, a colors magazine reading room, as well as many Fabrica Features objects made specifically for.

Fabrica Features Paris
c/o Artès
135 rue Saint Martin
75004 Paris