2 March, 2007

An interactive installation especially conceived by Fabrica for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai.

When: March 3rd – April 20th, 2007
Where: MoCA, Shanghai
What: Exhibition

Fabrica has been invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai (MoCA) to participate with the interactive installation Piacere, Fabrica in REMOTE/CONTROL, an investigation of the presence of technology in contemporary art today, featuring the work of both international and local artists and examining various perceptual systems, processes, narrative structures, and aesthetic strategies.

Piacere is Italian for pleasure. The Piacere, Fabrica installation is pleased to meet you. Please, introduce yourself. And tell us what your pleasure is.

Piacere, Fabrica invites visitors to introduce themselves to Fabrica and to play themselves in a high definition movie about pleasure. By standing in front of the camera, each visitor can record 24 frames – or one second of time - and add it to the video loop. The image is projected at cinematic scale onto a 7 metre screen. As each day goes by, from 3rd March to 20th April, the movie gets longer and longer. It is an open work of collaborative cinema in which the audience plays both Director and Actor.

Piacere, Fabrica is the catalyst for a sense of creativity and sociability forged between visitors to the installation. This is an artwork which invites intervention from the audience and which offers the resulting encounter as the art itself. It can be seen as a metaphor for Fabrica’s mission for open international collaboration across a network of creative partners from around the world. Fabrica is especially concerned to introduce itself, and find partnerships, with the extraordinary creative energy that is China today.

A special edition DVD – the entirety of the Piacere, Fabrica movie created by the people of Shanghai in 7 weeks at MoCA– will be published for distribution by Fabrica.

Piacere, Fabrica reflects the emerging aesthetics of media arts in which networks, interfaces and sensors play an increasingly important role in the creative process. However, Piacere, Fabrica is primarily informed by older debates about art and cinema, the artist, and the audience, reaching back to Bourriaud’s ‘Relational Aesthetics’ as well as Fluxus and beyond. At the same time Piacere, Fabrica explores the language and poetics of interactivity as an artform.

Established in 1994, Fabrica is a research institution that encourages the creative development of selected young professionals from all over the world. Funded by Benetton and housed in a striking building designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando outside of Treviso in Northern Italy, Fabrica’s activities ranges from graphic design to cinema, with industrial design, writing, interactive media, photography and music in between. The works produced at Fabrica are experimental projects which cross over between the art world and commercial sector blurring the boundary between art and communications.

Piacere, Fabrica
camera, projector, computer, custom software

Fabrica artists:
Andy Cameron (UK)
Ross Phillips (UK)
Oriol Ferrer Mesià (Spain)
Daniel Hirschmann (South Africa)

March 3rd – April 20th, 2007
Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MoCA)
231, West Nanjing Road, Gate 7
People's Park, Shanghai