/ FABRICA LISBOA features IRMA MARCO (illustration)
FABRICA LISBOA features IRMA MARCO (illustration)
28 May, 2007

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Contributors: Irma Marco

Once upon a time, there was Sonia and a gray dusk in the other side of the river. In her head "Boys don't cry " by The Cure, was sounding while she was making huge cigarettes dissapear between her fingers.
Once upon a time, there was the airplane that brought Sergio to Lisbon, with the suitcases full of endless conversations and smiles. And in those days, the music from José González, always waiting for us behind every word.
"Histórias para levar nos bolsos" is a series of pictorial mini-tales about some of my friends. Based on photographies taken in very specific moments, which once transformed into painting, they acquire a great oneiric meaning. This way, the persons turn into characters that, with the help of the music that identifies each one of them, become a part of a clearly intimist universe.