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9 July, 2007

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Contributors: Sophie Albert - France Aurore Dumas - France C„oceito + Guests - Portugal, Fabrica Features design team (Sam Baron - France, Carine Damon - France, Nicolas Cheng Ka Chi - Hong Kong, Valentina Carretta - Italy, Annechien Van Litsenburg - Netherlands, Rita Botelho - Portugal, Cristina Dias - Portugal, Marta Teixeira da Silva - Portugal, Amelie Marciasini - Sweden, Michael Ciancio - USA)

The Fabrica Features shops are connected through artists from around the world (Lisboa, Paris, Le Man, Saint Malo, Treviso, Caiscais, Carcavelo, Vienna, Beijing or Los Angeles) , illustrating moments of life, details of reality, special exhibitions, or simply landscape photography.

The Fabrica Features blog was created to further our international connection as artists, designers, and thinkers. The blog generates various dialogues, from discussions of images to reflection about objects, architecture and other packaging of elements.

Design is our daily connection with life, inspired by what surround us. By using the internet as an outlet, we capture and communicate to the other side of the world how rich and different are our unique ways of living.

The creators are international guest artists, Fabricanti, or shop managers, which provides a different and exclusive point of view.

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