/ London temporary shop is open
London temporary shop is open
18 July, 2007

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A project that questions the relationship between space, display and products.

After Paris and Rotterdam, a temporary Fabrica Features space now opens in London, at Beyond the Valley store gallery, with the You Are Here design concept.

Initiated by Sam Baron, Head of Fabrica Design, and conceived by a team of young international designers, Natalie Ashman (UK), Pia Knight (UK), and Michael Ciancio (USA), "You Are Here" is a special collection of ceramics, stationary and bags, that combines illustration, design and products.

Questioning the limits between art and design,retail and exhibition, You Are Here, invites the spectator to travel through Fabrica's creativity, into a suggestive landscape treated in a romantic hand drawn way, where products become part of the show itself.

Besides the installation, that caters to the cultural identity of the city and keeps with the "You Are Here" theme of the travelling store, a bloack "Fab Cab" in the truly British style, will be traveling the streets of London, informing Londoners about the exhibition taking place during these eight weeks.