/ FABRICA 10 - A book celebrating ten years.
FABRICA 10 - A book celebrating ten years.
1 December, 2004

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"Fabrica 10. From chaos to order and back"
Ten years of ideas, projects, personalities, events and experimentation, through a gallery of images, videos, interaction and music that tell a contemporary story.
“Fabrica 10 - From chaos to order and back” is not just a book published by Fabrica or about Fabrica, it’s the result of an extraordinary and unique vision of the world, a product of so many visions that have found their expression at Fabrica. Not just images therefore, but also objects, videos, music, installations and texts that have charted a unique and recognizable way of communicating that, while representing itself also represents the creative peak of our times.

(…) looking through the book one cannot help but be moved, stimulated, uplifted, impressed and depressed by he content. In my book (sorry) this makes Fabrica a winner – provoking any kind of response from the viewer, reader or listener is, after all, the real goal of “art” in any or all of its guises.” (The Times Magazine)

800 pages
2500 illustrations
Texts in English, Italian and French
Published by Electa