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D&AD Annual 2007
3 October, 2007

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Fabrica authors the concept and graphic design of the D&AD Annual 2007

The D&AD Annual is the yearly publication of Design & Art Direction (D&AD), the british non-profit organisation working to promote creative excellence in design and advertising. The book is considered a cult showcase for visual communication professionals worldwide.

This year for the first time D&AD selected a non-British communication centre to conceive The Annual. The choice went to Fabrica, which accepted the offer with enthusiasm and suggested a concept of creativity as a shared value which goes beyond national borders. On this basis Fabrica devised and launched "The Flag" initiative , inviting 500 leading world creatives to take part in the project. They were sent a flag with the D&AD logo, specifically made for the project, and asked to create an original photograph with it. The proposals were then sent back to Fabrica to become the dominant visual concept of The Annual. The idea was greatly appreciated by the D&AD community because it made everyone feel part of the project."

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