/ Contradictions United
Contradictions United
5 October, 2007

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Contributors: Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Pia Knight, Natalie Ashman, Julia Pleschke, Marian Grabmayer, Karol De Rueda Leal, Nobuhisa Ishizuka, Matt Prins, Andy Rementer, Elizabeth Cretney.

“Contradictions United”
June 2007

A series of visual interpretations for the Scandinavian fashion and art magazine Vs.

This pubblication has a passion for contradictions – hence the name “Vs.” (Versus) and has a strong belief that new and innovative expressions can emerge from simply putting contrasting subjects together.

Fabrica accepted the invitation from Versus to work on a visual essay inspired by the theme “Contradictions United” for the Autumn/Winter 2007 issue.