/ Street Parade, Bologna 2004
Street Parade, Bologna 2004
Lorenzo Fonda
25 June, 2004

A documentary shot during the Street Parade in Bologna in 2004. I was VJing from a truck, so I got to see some parts of the parade from a different perspective.
As expected, there was a really strong feeling of freedom, but there was a incredibly huge consumption of heavy drugs as well (which some people regard as "freedom" anyway).
Here's what I saw that night: I don't want to demonstrate anything, but just show the incredible mix of human beings that populated the streets of Bologna during that hours, which made it so memorable, whether it be for the joy and the pleasure of having the streets as a dance field or whether it be for the completely open and free use of drugs, which makes this event so ambiguos and delicate for the city council to manage.

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Bologna Street Parade 2004 (streetparade.mov - 12920.25 kb)
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