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Meric Kara
1 September, 2004

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Contributors: concept and design: meric kara photos: zak text: andy sinboy

“b-sides” is a project which questions the nature of everyday objects and how we interact with them. Small additions and subtractions convert simple objects into communicative tools. Transformed, these items also make a subtle statement about consumer culture.

More than an exercise in design, “b-sides” is as a proposal for how we might look differently at the unextraordinary bits and pieces we find around us.

With the Fair discount t-shirt, both price and material have been reduced.

Beer to share expresses the social act of a sharing a beer.

Talking buttons are printed with images or text. The user completes their message with the direction of their sewing. Please submit your ideas for pictures or statements.

Tricky match: a printed burn mark on these useable matches makes them appear spent.

text by David Neustein

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