21 April, 2005

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Fabrica has been invited to create a project of awareness and criticism on the theme of diversity which is central to the World PR Festival to be held in Trieste at the end June 2005.

With over 50 students from around the globe, Fabrica has always been committed to diversity whether it be through media, language or culture. For this project, each week until the opening of the event in May, the Visual Communication and Photography department will produce a selection of images that explore different aspects of "Diversity".

The themes selected so far are “Diversity and Communication”, “Diversity and Harmony”, “Diversity and Sex” and “Diversity and Comsumerism”. All of the images will be used for communication relating to the festival and will also be posted on the city walls of Trieste, turning it into an ideal outdoor gallery capable of educating the viewers while at the same time provoking thought .