1 May, 2005

Contributors: Joy Frempong, Kirk Starkey, Adam Lieber, B.C.Manjunath, Srihari Rangaswamy, Anthony Joe Dadzie, Wendy Jehlen, Berek B. Meilman, Nandlal Nayak, Ray, Gonca Girgin, Hakan Kaya, Neset Kirsehirli, Raneen Hanna, Mark Eliyahu, Itamar Shahar, Noam Aharon, Suzanne Savage, Laura Henderson, Kevin Mc Cullagh, Rohan Young, Jarlath Henderson

FABRICA MUSICA CD SERIES is collection of cd, published by Nuova Stradivarius, which gather together, under the common roof of research and experimentation, music pieces created by the artist-experimenters from around the world during their staying at Fabrica on the Music department. Each cd represents a project. Each project originates from the idea of exploring new forms of communication in the music field.

With these CD Fabrica Musica goes beyond musical genres: its musicians come from diverse backgrounds – jazz and classical, pop-rock and ethnic, contemporary and traditional. Young composers, instrumentalists, vocalists, audio designers and new media sound artists realize live concerts and performances, music-theatre productions, music videos, sound installations and sound projects for the web which are for the first time presented in these CD series.

The first 5 CD coming out at the beginning of 2005 are “CREDO- THE LIVE CONNECTIONS – Jerusalem, Istanbul, Belfast” collecting all pieces realized by the musicians taking part in CREDO project, followed by “Because you are a girl” by Joy Frempong, ”Counterpoints” by Kirk Starkey and Adam Lieber, “Nandi Nataraja” by B.C.Manjunath and Srihari Rangaswamy and “Chela Re” by Anthony Joe Dadzie, Wendy Jehlen, Berek B. Meilman, Nandlal Nayak and Ray. Upcoming productions will present new contexts and musical research of Fabrica scholarship holders.

FABRICA MUSICA CD SERIES is available on line at www.stradivarius.it

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New cds out now:

Hyper Asado by Andres Reymondes
Survival Machines by Gunnlaug Thorvalsdottir


Files for Download:
Hyper Asado (HIPER ASADO_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 83.464 kb)
Nandi Nataraja (Nandi nataraja_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 78.726 kb)
Credo (CREDO_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 662.033 kb)
Counterpoints (Counterpoints_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 84.929 kb)
Chela Re (Chela Re_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 95.378 kb)
Because you are a girl (Becauseyou are a girl_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 100.26 kb)
Survival Machines (survival machines_scheda descrittiva.pdf - 103.502 kb)