/ The Percussive Art of Storytelling
The Percussive Art of Storytelling
Cory Hills
14 March, 2005

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Storytelling is a method of communication that has spanned the ages. Whether the stories serve as oral histories, religious doctrines, or simple bedtime entertainment, they have become an important staple of mankind. Many of these stories are percussive; either in the rhythmic structure of the iambs, or in the onomatopoeia of the words. This project aims to fuse elements of classical-contemporary percussion with elements of storytelling. All stories, and the accompanying music, will be originally written and composed. The goal is to create a show that can be presented to sick children and their families at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital (Fall 2005) in order to help alleviate the emotional and physical stress associated with hospitalization. It is also my goal to publish these stories in fully illustrated books that can be given to the children after the show.

Cory Hills
(United States)


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